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Artwork Scale

We prefer a reduced scale of 1" = 1'.

Artwork Resolution

Files should be 150 ppi to 300 ppi.

Artwork Bleeds

Six inches of bleed should be included. Please indicate the live area and bleed crops.

Color Space and Profiling for All Types of Work

For the best results, artwork should be setup CMYK using the “U.S. Web Coated Swop v2” color profile. For the richest black, define as 50/50/50/100. Provide color proofs if critical color match is required. If PMS colors are used within a 4 color process file, Please indicate each PMS color used. Please Note: not all PMS colors can be matched perfectly using 4 color process.

Popular Programs Supported

Illustrator CS5, Photoshop CS5, Indesign CS5, Freehand MX, Quark 8, Corel Draw X5 If your software is not listed above, export your file as a TIFF, JPG, or PDF with all fonts converted to paths and all links embedded. We also recommend this course when using Corel Draw.

General Tips for Preparing Artwork

When possible, supply all working documents, links and necessary fonts. If this is not possible, output a print-ready document with all fonts converted to paths and all links embedded. Do not include unnecessary or undesired elements, such as placement lines or proof information which you do not intend to be printed on the final product. Please indicate if a file does or does not include bleed, and at what scale it was produced.

Upload Method

If you are sending a pdf file, please send to Dan Cugini using

If you wish to download directly to our ftp site, please follow the instructions below:
Go to:
Choose “Upload Art” (Circle on bottom)
Click on “Add Files” (tab on top left)
Select your artwork file that you wish to upload
Click “Open”
Fill in the information:
Name: (Your Name)
Company: (Your Company)
Customer Email: (Your direct email address)
Sales Rep: Please choose “Paul Davis”
Notes: Please type in : “Billboards USA Artwork for (please add advertiser’s name)”
Click on “OK”

We will send you a final proof for your approval within 24 hours.