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About Us

    Billboards USA is a locally owned and operated company in Charlotte County, Florida.  We have 100 advertising faces to choose from which will allow you, the advertiser, complete coverage within the county as well as in DeSoto and Belle Glade.  Since we are not a national billboard company, our attention is focused on the local businesses where price is a major concern.  Through the years we have learned that "fast nickels are better than slow dollars" and have priced ourselves accordingly (not to mention that we must walk the local streets at night too!).

    Our signature, eye-catching, lavender billboard posts receive much attention (our slogan is "Made you Look™"), which in turn lends itself to greater readership of the advertiser's message.  (There is a method to our madness).

    Advertising is basically repetition of a message.  Billboard advertising is not only repetitious, it is repetitious to an exact, defined, targeted market.  The daily commute of your prospective customers may make them just that, customers.

Give yourself that second location visibility by advertising with Billboards USA today!